1. “Sellaronda Bike Day”
    The Sellaronda Bike Day is a non competitive cycling event open to all and the Highway code must be respected.

  2. The Highway Code
    The Highway code must be obeyed at all times in order to ensure the safety of all participants. The participants should save the environment.

  3. Advised direction and appropriate velocity
    Bearing in mind the roads and the potential for speed, the organising committee, recommend cyclists to go in the anticlockwise direction. Keep to the right and only use the right hand lane. Considering there are families with children on the route as well, cyclists should maintain a  moderate speed during descent.

  4. Use of helmet
    For safety reasons, helmets are obligatory.

  5. Closure of roads
    The roads will be closed to traffic from 8.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. The closure is planned for half an hour before the opening to cyclists, allowing any traffic on the passes to reach its destination. The organising committee, does not guarantee absolute absence of traffic on the route.

  6. Authorized Traffic
    The only vehicles authorized to use the passes during the period of closure are exclusively the public services (Police, Carabinieri, ambulances, fire brigade etc.) which will have sirens and warning lights. The vehicles of the organising committee are also permitted, they will have a flashing yellow light.

  7. Public busses to the passes
    On 10.06.2023 and 16.09.2023 the public bus service around the Sella Group will be suspended.

  8. Times for the event
    Considering that this is not a race there is not a precise start time. It is important to note that the roads are officially closed to traffic from 8.30 a.m., before this time there may still be traffic on the passes; the passes will be open to traffic again at 4.00 p.m.

  9. Registration
    The Sellaronda Bike Day is a cycling day open to all and no registration is necessary.

  10. Responsibility
    The organisers of the Sellaronda Bike Day are not to be held responsible for any accidents or damage to people or things that may happen before, during or after the event.
    • Those who participate in the Sellaronda Bike Day do so at their own risk. Participants relinquish the right to take legal action against third parties, against the organising committee and all the officials involved in the organisation of the event.
    • All participants are obliged to obey the Highway code.
    • Participants must agree to the rules of common decency to prevent violation of laws or regulations.

  11. Rescue services
    Rescue service is guaranteed on the entire route of the Sellaronda Bike Day. An ambulance will be positioned at the top of each pass: Campolongo, Pordoi, Sella, Gardena and in the following places:
    - Miramonti cross roads (between Passo Sella and Passo Gardena)
    - Village of Arabba
    - Village of Corvara
    Village Pian de Schiavaneis

  12. The Sweeping up service
    If you encounter any problems during the event or are forced to stop due to fatigue, do not panic. At the end of the event, a rescue service is guaranteed for those who are no longer able to cycle up the Dolomite passes around the Sella; it will stop at the base and top of each pass, in the villages of Corvara and Arabba and at the Sella/Pordoi and Gardena/Sella crossroads, to facilitate the return of participants. The shuttles will have an identifying sign with the Sellaronda Bike Day logo and "scopa" lettering; in the villages there will be a sign identifying the bus stop.

  13. Photos and Videos
    Every participant implicitly authorises the O.C. to use for advertising purposes photos and videos taken during the event.

Emergency Tel.: 112