Sellaronda Bike Day - GreenEvent

Sellaronda Bike Day is now a certified "GreenEvent".

Sports enjoyment and unforgettable landscape in harmony with nature!

Green Events are events whose planning, organization and implementation are carried out in a sustainable way. The key points of these events are the use of green products, energy efficiency, waste management, the promotion of local products and social responsibility.

For the first time from 2018, the “Sellaronda Bike Day” made the leap of becoming a Green Event (from going Green Event). Principles and ideas behind a Green Event are our concern: every year we try to realize and improve them. A green event helps to direct public and media attention to sustainability issues. In addition, the Sellaronda Bike Day fits perfectly in the UNESCO World Heritage area of the Dolomites: soft mobility together with an unforgettable landscape are in line with it.

The most important measures are:

  • printed products are entirely printed on 100% recycled paper
  • responsible waste management: reduction of waste production and separate waste collection
  • drinks in returnable bottles are preferred
  • foods is mainly seasonal and regional
  • visitors are encouraged to use public transport

The provincial agency for the environment is the authority who provides certification of a "going GreenEvent" and "GreenEvent" . In the first year, the “going GreenEvent” certificate is all you can receive.

It is a great honor for the organizing committee of the Sellaronda Bike Day to have received the “GreenEvent” certificate for 2018!

Please help us in making this event as sustainable as possible!
Suggestions and feedback on the Green event organization are welcome, sent them at: